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Aqua Celestia EdT by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Quick shop
Aqua Celestia EdT by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Aqua Celestia EdT by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Aqua Celestia EdT by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Aqua Celestia - EdT 6.8oz

$ 375.00

Pre-Order! Shipping February 3rd, 2017
Aqua Celestia forms a seamless bond between the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea, forging a path toward absolute serenity. An emotional journey lulled by the harmony of the senses and the mind.  
A heavenly freshness tinted with lime, cool mint and blackcurrant, softened by the generous fullness of mimosa blossoms from Provence.  A celestial, musk scented escape.
  • Top Notes: Lime from Mexico, mint
  • Middle Notes: Blackcurrant bud absolute, mimosa
  • Base Notes: Musc
  • Olfactive Group: Clean
  • Perfumer: Francis Kurkdjian
  • Created: 2009
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Baraonda - Extrait de Parfum 1oz by Nasomatto Quick shop
Baraonda - Extrait de Parfum 1oz by Nasomatto

Baraonda - Extrait de Parfum 1oz

$ 185.00

The fragrance encourages a raw taste sensation. It is the result of a quest to evoke the powerful and mighty whisper of an olfactory stirring, which magically rejoins the whole and the nothing.


Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri


Pre-Order. Expected Shipping date Mid-October 2016!


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Blackpepper EdP by Comme des Garcons Quick shop
Blackpepper EdP by Comme des Garcons
Comme des Garcons

Blackpepper - EdP 3.4oz

$ 131.00

Comme des Garcons' Blackpepper is an electric collision of molecules: the crash of spicy pepper seeds suspended within infinite darkness.

A powerful subversion of olfactive convention. An incessant investigation of the perpetually unknown.

Warm, dry Madagascan Pepper cracks against fiery Cedarwood. Rich, fragrant Akigalawood (Patchouli, Agarwood) fuses with the caramel resin of Tonka Bean.

Precious seeds and opulent woods blend in blazing harmony, laced with a musky accord.

A profound reinvent ion of familiar exoticism: spice is deconstructed, destabilized, decoded.

A resonant reverberation of dynamic intensity. Spice, seen through the transformative gaze of Comme des Garçons.

  • Top Notes: Black pepper
  • Middle Notes: Tonka bean
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, patchouli, musk, oud
  • Olfactive Group: Spice
  • Created: 2016
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Devil Tender - Eau de Parfum Quick shop
Devil Tender - Eau de Parfum
Ex Nihilo

Devil Tender - Eau de Parfum

$ 225.00


  • Top Note: Pink grapefruit, bergamot, peach, pink pepper
  • Middle Note: Rose water, Bulgarian rose, tea
  • Base Note: White cedar, suede, sandalwood, heliotrope, vanilla
  • Olfactive Group: Floral
  • Perfumer:  Nadège Legarlantezec
  • Created: 2016



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Eau Dominotée Multi-Use Fragrance 6.8oz Quick shop
Eau Dominotée Multi-Use Fragrance 6.8oz
Eau Dominotée Multi-Use Fragrance 6.8oz
Eau Dominotée Multi-Use Fragrance 6.8oz

Eau Dominotée Multi-Use Fragrance 6.8oz

$ 90.00

A rare eau with many applications, scenting both skin and fabric. Its scent has the natural grace of rose, the freshness of foliage and a slight, almost undetectable trace of patchouli. To scent fabrics, spray the Eau Dominotée at a distance of 20 cm, or use a capful in a load of laundry instead of fabric softener.

This Valentine’s Day, diptyque has partnered with Antoinette Poisson, a creator and restorer of domino paper. In honour of this holiday, Antoinette Poisson has designed two exclusive motifs, one floral and the other geometrical, to decorate the scented objects of this collection.
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Grenadille d'Afrique EdP by Aedes de Venustas Quick shop
Grenadille d'Afrique EdP by Aedes de Venustas
Grenadille d'Afrique EdP by Aedes de Venustas
Grenadille d'Afrique EdP by Aedes de Venustas

Grenadille d'Afrique - EdP 3.4oz

$ 245.00

From crackling sap to balmy resin. Smoky wood to sun-seared stone. Purple dusk to ink-black night. Aedes de Venustas’ seventh scent explores the age-old landscape of Africa in a tribute to ancient ebony…Grenadille D’Afrique.

Grenadille d’Afrique expresses not only its namesake tree, but also the primal landscape in which it grows. Intriguingly described as “fossilized wood rubbed in a vanilla accord”, this strongly contrasted composition sets its dark heart off with luminous notes.

It is dusk or dawn? Sparkling bergamot captures the last rays of the sun, while a purple haze of lavender and violet spill their powdery moonlight on the savannah grasslands… Run through from twigs to roots with aromatic, juniper-scented sap, this olfactory portrait of the mythical African Blackwood tree is built around a “trunk” of Haitian vetiver. With its complex facets of wood, smoke, earth and flint, it is the vertical axis that draws together the fragrance’s vegetal, animal and mineral notes.

Turned into combustible resin by a lash of ambery cistus labdanum, vanilla exudes its balsamic warmth. Bleached wood, skin-soft bark and sun-heated stone release the day’s heat into the ink-black night, cooled off by a breeze of musk…

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, lavender
  • Middle Notes: Juniper, violet
  • Base Notes: African blackwood accord, cistus labdanum, vetiver, milky white tea accord, musk
  • Olfactive Family: Balsamic wood
  • Perfumer: Alberto Morillas
  • Created: 2016





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La Femme Bohème EdP 3.4oz by Edward Bess Quick shop
La Femme Bohème EdP 3.4oz by Edward Bess
Edward Bess

La Femme Bohème - EdP 3.4oz

$ 175.00

She travels in any direction the wind decides to blow, languid and free without the slightest worry in the world. Unbound by the restrictions of time, she follows her careless whims instead.

The sun is already high in the sky when she wakes on a bed of hay, a resting place not unfamiliar after a night drenched in the hazy pleasures of wine.

A soupçon of dried sweat mixed with a veil of cigarette smoke lingers on her skin, a scent intensified by the blaze of the afternoon heat. Who knows what today will hold? Life is just meant to be lived and she is La Femme Bohème.

  • Notes: Amber, honey, jasmin
  • Olfactive Group: Oriental
  • Perfumer: Carlos Benaim
  • Created: 2016
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Lumen_esce EdP by Nomenclature Quick shop
Lumen_esce EdP by Nomenclature
Lumen_esce EdP by Nomenclature
Lumen_esce - EdP 3.4oz

Lumen_esce - EdP 3.4oz

$ 165.00


Capturing the scent of violets in a lab was one of the earliest triumphs of fragrance chemistry and ever since, ionones have been a pillar of perfumery. 
Violettyne® is the 21st century’s answer to their wistful, powdery fragrance: a preternaturally bright violet with a metallic vibration, edged in fluorescent green. Patented in 2000 by Firmenich, the cutting-edge captive molecule turns scent into light with lumen_esce.

THE SCENT: Electric Violet

It is the color of majesty and mysticism. Of mystery and magic. Of inspiration and harmony... Associated for millennia with the most elevated states, violet is also the highest frequency of visible light. In lumen_esce*, Frank Voelkl plays on both meanings of the word, expressing the color’s radiance by exploring the full spectrum of the flower’s scent. Boosted by a cool-as-cucumber essence of violet leaves, the sizzling Violettyne® shoots high-voltage current from bloom to roots. Petals aquiver, the flower scatters scented powder on a springtime posy (freesia, jasmine, iris and rose). Patchouli Prisma, a high-tech natural ingredient distilled and reassembled to enhance its woody warmth, sheds black light on the radiant bouquet.

*Named after the lumen, the unit of measurement of light.
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Russian Leather Eau de Parfum by Memo Quick shop
Russian Leather Eau de Parfum by Memo
Memo Paris

Russian Leather - EdP 2.5oz

$ 275.00

The leather’s animal instincts lie hidden beneath the surface. The wolf of Russia or Siberia, with its heightened sense of smell – stronger and more powerful than that of man, guards this vast territory and Russian Leather’s mesmerizing precious bottle.

These wolves are the perfumer’s accomplice, and along with reindeer, bear and muskox, are some of the only creatures capable of thriving in this kingdom of bleak steppes, endless forests and icy plains. They reign as secret masters over these unforgiving lands.

How does one envisage «Russian leather»? Let your imagination run free with these majestic beasts. Strike a balance between force and finesse, and you will unleash a leather harmony imbued with a magical aura

  • Top Notes: Basil, fougere accord
  • Middle Notes: Cedarwood, pine, coriander, mint, rosemary, nutmeg
  • Base Notes: Guiac wood, patchouli, tonka bean, leather, clary sage, cypress absolute
  • Olfactive Group: Leather
  • Perfumer: Alienor Massenet
  • Created: 2016


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