Iris de Nuit - EdP 3.4oz by Heeley

Iris de Nuit - EdP 3.4oz

Iris is considered to be one of the most noble ingredients in traditional perfumery.. The warm, delicate scent is extracted not from the flower, but from its root. Here, the heart note is sustained by the use of crushed carrot seeds, layered with notes of angelica, cedar and ambegris.

Rare and refined, sensual and discreet, Iris de Nuit is a perfectly balanced composition of this elegant and exquisite violet floral theme.

  • Top Notes: Ambrette, angelica seed
  • Middle Notes: Iris root, violet, carrot seed
  • Base Notes: Amber, white cedar
  • Olfactive Group: Floral / Woody
  • Created: 2005