De Bachmakov - Eau de Parfum 3oz by The Different Company
The Different Company

De Bachmakov - Eau de Parfum 3oz

Inspired by the Great Russia, its Siberian Forests, taîga and toundra, The Different Company's Thierry de Baschmakoff and perfumer Céline Ellena composed a dense and vibrant fragrance, modern and ancient at the same time.

The herbal potion is reminiscent of an imaginary Siberian forest, snow covered buds in Spring with clary sage dominating the top note. Shiso leaves, coriander, Thai basil, nutmeg, and bergamot give the Eau de Parfum a cool, icy character. Notes of freesia and jasmin soften the fragrance followed by a musky, woody base note.

  • Top Notes: Clary sage
  • Middle Notes: Shiso leaf, coriander, basil, nutmeg, bergamot
  • Base Notes: Jasmin, freesia, musk
  • Olfactive Group: Aromatic
  • Perfumer: Céline Ellena
  • Created: 2010