Huiles Precieuses - Body Oil 4.25oz by Diptyque

Huiles Precieuses - Body Oil 4.25oz

In tribute to travel adventures and its unforgettable scents, Diptyque created a line uniquely inspired by age-old rituals that invite you to rediscover a new Art of Body Care...

A sensorial, olfactory journey that takes you around the Mediterranean Sea, from Florence to Byzantium, Aleppo to Alexandria, and on to Cordoba, Spain. These five destinations have inspired five original body care products, with five distinct rituals and five captivating fragrances, to combine according to your desires.

Florentine tanners used to perfume their leather with the scent of iris. This led to the creation of a new profession, cherished by the Medici family: the famous perfumerglove-maker. The Pallida iris embodies the aristocratic elegance of the Italian city for which it is the emblem. Merging with the warmth of cedar, the woody accord highlights the matte, mineral notes, like a sparkling ray of moonlight. Delightfully versatile, these precious oils are like a silky whisper on the skin and act as a protective emollient in the bath.

A medley of refined, organic oils: sweet almond oil to soothe, argan oil to nourish, and macadamia nut oil to soften. A few drops will suffice to thoroughly nourish and adorn the skin with a noble radiance. In the bath, a single dose transforms the water into an incomparable emollient to protect the skin.

Organic sweet almond oil softens, soothes, moisturizes, regenerates and restructures the skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids and is suitable for even the most delicate, dry or irritated skin. Aragan oil (virgin, organic) is concentrated in vitamin E, fatty acids and sterols. It nourishes even dry, sensitive skin and gives it long-term protection by combating free radicals. Macadamia nut oil leaves the skin nourished, soft and soothed.

Sensual, majestic iris exhales a unique, radiant warmth heightened by a distinctive, heady blend of cedar and vetiver.