Memoir (Woman) - EdP 3.4oz by Amouage

Memoir (Woman) - EdP 3.4oz

A new interpretation of the timeless narrative of man and woman. Amouage’s newest cinematic interlude delves beneath the obvious overtones of sentimentality, to portray a challenging chronicle of tension, flux and interconnectedness.

Enthralled by the enigmatic motion of her alter ego, this chypre fragrance is evoked by the transcendental discovery of her past, present and future echoed in his fragmented memoir.

  • Top Notes: Absinthe, pink pepper, cardamom
  • Middle Notes: Frankincense, white blossom, jasmine, rose
  • Base Notes: Leather, musk, oakmoss
  • Olfactive Group: Chypre
  • Perfumer: Daniel Maurel and Dorothee Piot
  • Created: 2010