An Interview with Bella Freud



London born fashion designer Bella Freud is renowned for her signature jumpers Je t’aime Jane, Ginsberg is God and 1970. 

 As well as designing her own label Bella has consulted for major British brands including Jaeger, Miss Selfridge, Barbour and Fred Perry. She has been involved in numerous creative collaborations and has pioneered the use of fashion in film. 

Bella has made eight short films to date, including three with John Malkovich, and her recent directorial debut for SHOWstudio. Fans of Bella Freud include Alexa Chung, Laura Bailey, Kate Moss and Alison Mosshart.

Bella's partner Azzi Glasser is a modern day icon in the industry. She specialises in designing award- winning perfumes from fine fragrances to body and home ranges for fashion designers, beauty brands, retailers and celebrities. Co-originator and creator of the award winning Agent Provocateur Parfums, Jasper Conran, Jack Wills, Laura Ashley Fragrances, Nicole Farhi, Topman, Illamasqua’s ‘FREAK’ and ‘Scarab’ Space NK, Reiss, JLS and Liberty Home to name a few. 

She has also worked on artistic collaborations with Kylie Minogue, James Lavelle’s art exhibition ‘Daydreaming’, Philippe Parreno for the Palais de Tokyo and with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Noomi Rapace and Alexander McQueen.

Q: You’ve been involved in many creative projects, from fashion to film. Where do you see the overlap between perfume and other arts?

A: I'm always looking for an idea that will reverberate and have different effects. Starting with a smell means starting inward with a feeling, and then clothing it. Taking the imagery from my knitwear and putting it on the packaging gives it a new dimension, it takes the idea into a different realm and keeps it connected to fashion. It is interesting to make a fashion film with the extra subtext of the fragrance.



  1. What inspired you to create a line of fragrance and candles?
  2. At the start I wanted to make a scented candle for a special pop up shop I was doing. I talked to my friend Azzi Glasser who is a perfume designer - a nose - and a whole world opened up. Azzi is almost like a psychoanalyst with scent, she listens to people talking and she can interpret what they mean through smell. The power of perfume and how obsessive it becomes is a new fascination for me. 



  1. What, in your opinion, is the hardest step in creating a fragrance?
  2. I am in the fortunate position of working with Azzi who makes this process seem easy. She ignores it when I tell her I like the smell of lilac or whatever, she looks for the character of the idea we are conjuring up for the fragrance. She creates a few different testers for me to choose from, then the moment she reveals them is incredibly exciting.


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