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Palermo - Eau de Parfum

With clacking oars the Phoenicians arrived millennia ago to found their center of ancient exchange. Under golden Roman yoke the port gained gleaming palaces and mosaics.
Ostrogoths, vandals, and byzantines alternately wrecked and rebuilt. Moorish and berber emirs dug irrigation and harvested new fruits – the bergamot oranges they planted still grow.

Norman kings wrested the island back from the East. Garibaldi's thousand redshirts galloped through, and Italy was born. All those centuries of interleaved layers, one bled into the other, remain palpable in the air, the water, the art, the architecture, the spirit.

Palermo opens with a crisp Sicilian bergamot and bigarade scent. The volatile character of bergamot soon gives way to the musk that defines the base of the fragrance. A perfect fragrance for summer!

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, bigarade
  • Middle Notes: Musk, rose
  • Base Notes: Ambrette, musk
  • Olfactive Group: Citrus / Fresh
  • Created: 2010