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Susanne Kaufmann

Eye Cream - Anti-Aging 0.5oz

Eye Cream Line A pampers the delicate area around the eyes with beneficial and skin-smoothing substances. It reduces puffiness and circles under the eyes while providing a brightening effect.

Just like all products in Line A, it contains an intelligent combination of active botanical single substances that have a particularly intensive effect on the skin due to their high bioavailability. One example is the natural cell-protection shield ectoine, which delays skin’s aging and stimulates its own collagen production. Highly effective essences, such as the fermented flower extract of the yellow lupine, supply the skin with long-lasting moisturization. The level of active substances is particularly high in Eye Cream Line A.

The precious oil derived from lady’s smock seeds is used as a base; it gives skin silkiness and increased elasticity. This light, non-greasy cream should be used regularly in mornings and evenings and can also be applied to the eyelids or in the form of an eye mask for an intensive treatment.

• No artificial preservatives
• No artificial colors
• No petroleum gel, silicone or liquid paraffin
• No animal testing or animal-based ingredients
• No sterilization by irradiation
• No polyethylene glycol (PEG) compounds

Only ingredients harvested from their own organic cultivation and gathered from the wild in the Alps are used.