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Fou d'Absinthe - Eau de Parfum

Remember the time of Toulouse Lautrec, the time of the Moulin Rouge... it was the time of Absinthe. A drink so potent it can no longer be served but can still weave its spell.

L'Artisan Parfumeur has brought the smell of this intoxicating cocktail back to life. The top notes are composed of absinthe, a green, slightly bitter note. A hot-cold feeling is created by spices highlighted with star anise. The warm base notes are composed of dry pine needles and the woody scent of cistus.

  • Top Notes: Angelica root, absinthe, blackcurrant
  • Middle Notes:  Nutmeg, ginger, patchouli, pepper, anise
  • Base Notes: Cistus, pine, incense
  • Olfactive Group: Fougere
  • Perfumer: Olivia Giacobetti
  • Created: 2006