La Rose Aime L'Ambre - Rose Amber Candle 6.5oz Carriere Freres
Carriere Freres

La Rose Aime L'Ambre - Rose Amber Candle 6.5oz

Known as the “Queen of Flowers”, the Damascus rose was praised in Syria for the finesse of its scent and subtle elegance. Celebrated since Antiquity from China to Persia, rose, as a flower, is close to the divine. Also much valued from Antiquity to the present, amber – a fossilized tree resin – is revered for its sacred and opulent scent, as well as its somehow magical healing properties. Between the Rosaceae bush and the enigmatic resin - that varies in colour from light yellow to deep brown - scents are a match: when cold, amber takes over and when warm, the soft perfume of rose burns deep with amber. These two were meant to be.
  • 6.5oz / 185g
  • Approximately 50+ burn time