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Black Saffron - Eau de Parfum

Saffron, the spice derived from the dried stigmas of the Saffron Crocus, has been cultivated for more than 3500 years and remains one of the world’s costliest substances. With it’s beautiful, intense golden-orange color and hay-like scent it has been used as a seasoning, dye, medicine and fragrance. It is holy to all Hindus, is the color of Buddhist robes and has become a symbol for India. BYREDO’s ‘Black Saffron’ is a fragrance inspired by this very idea of sublime unity.

The Eau de Parfum opens with the bright citrus note of the Asian pomelo and crisp juniper berries, mellowed into silage by Kashmiri saffron. At the heart lies black violet fused with leather accord. At the base, blond woods add radiant warmth and harmony, punctuated by luscious raspberry. The base is dominated by with the gentle, earthy evocations of haitian vetiver.

  • Top NotesPomelo, saffron, juniper berries
  • Middle Notes: Black violet, accord cuir, cristal rose
  • Base Notes: Blonde woods, raspberry, vetiver
  • Olfactive Group: Spicy
  • Created: 2010