Blue Cedrat - EdP 3.4oz by Comme des Garçons
Comme des Garcons

Blue Cedrat - EdP 3.4oz

Blue Invasion: A series of three fragrances that embrace a radical contradiction. A clash of luxurious warmth and searing coolness. Fresh, non-fresh. Cool yet warm. Blue takes over to reveal the contradictory coolness of three emblematic warm notes: incense, cedarwood and sandalwood.

The result is a cool blue invasion, an unexpected blend of wood, spice and incense artfully combined to reveal refreshingly warm layers.

Blue Cedrat, an unexpected alliance of fiery Virginian cedarwood with metallic rose and a zesty, bitter quinine accord. Italian cedar, bitter quinine accord (juniper berries, Angelica roots), metallic rose, Virginian cedarwood.

  • Top Notes: Italian cedar
  • Middle Notes: Juniper berries, angelica roots, rose
  • Base Notes: Virginian cedarwood
  • Olfactive Group: Woody
  • Created: 2013
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