Bois d'Orage - EdP by Frederic Malle
Frederic Malle

Bois d'Orage - Eau de Parfum

A vision of modern dandy, Bois d'Orage offers a new masculine fragrance aesthetic that does not rely on the common citrus-woods-musk formula. Pierre Bourdon explores the green muskiness of angelica in order to construct a refined, elegant fragrance.

Vetiver, cedarwood and incense provide the woody core of the composition, which is layered with velvety iris and spicy pimento berry. A verdant breath of galbanum lends the fragrance a wonderfully uplifting effect. The result is striking and irresistible.

  • Top Notes: Galbanum
  • Middle Notes: Incense, cedarwood, angelica, iris
  • Base Notes: Oakmoss, vetiver, musk
  • Olfactive Group: Woody 
  • Perfumer: Pierre Bourdon
  • Created: 2007