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Serge Lutens

Bois et Fruit - Palais Royal Exclusive Collection - Eau de Parfum

The Palais Royal collection is inextricably linked to its namesake, this enchanting place.

Created by Serge Lutens – with one or two new releases a year since 1992 – the collection now comprises thirty-six exclusive fragrances, including the celebrated Tubéreuse criminelle, Cuir mauresque, Sarrasins, Boxeuses and Muscs Koublaï Khan.

Aedes Perfumery is now offering this extraordinary selection of fragrances to choose from.

Bois et Fruit

"Like candied fruit."

"This is another descendant of Féminité du bois, whose base notes contained a complex blend of several types of plums. Here, unadulterated, it’s like candied fruit."

Serge Lutens