Carnal Flower After Sun Balm by Frederic Malle
Frederic Malle

Carnal Flower - After Sun Balm 5oz

Nothing says summer like the scent of fragrant white flowers in full bloom:  enchanting jasmine, creamy gardenia, intoxicating tuberose.  The latter exudes an almost carnal fragrance and is one of nature's most striking olfactive clashes:  a mix of flower-shop freshness, spicy animal-like intensity and milky sweetness.  A mysterious equilibrium that has eternally fascinated perfumers.

With Carnal Flower,  Dominique Ropion took hold of this mystery, crafting a fragrance around the highest amount of natural Indian tuberose of any perfume on the market.  Enhanced by hints of gardenia and exalted beyond its own natural charms, tuberose became the perfect heart for a summer scent.

As such, mere hint of this extraordinary precious fragrance is enough to bring this revitalizing after-sun balm to life.  Its fine green transparency, which dominates the milky sweetness of the tuberose, is parked with soft white musk.  This, in turn is blended with a soothing gel built around invigorating water from Switzerland, for incredible hydration and refreshment.  A perfect marriage between nature and technology.  

Summer never smelled so fresh.