Chez Monsieur - Candle 220gr by Frederic Malle
Frederic Malle

Chez Monsieur - Candle 220gr

"One of my assessments when working on scents for the home was that unlike traditional perfumes for people, home fragrances aren’t and shouldn’t be sexy. The scent of a men’s den is a slight exception to this rule, as one feels, when smelling it, the presence of its proprietor amongst the precious woods, tobacco and books. Spending time in my grandfather’s reading room as a child left a particular taste for this type of environment." Frederic Malle. 

Cured tobacco leaves, fragile pages of old books and the sheen of polished wood… Chez Monsieur is a warm, comforting scent that evokes as much the serenity of a library as the intimacy of someone’s den. The dark richness of woods accented with the sweetness of tobacco is an alluring mélange of austerity and sensuality.


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