David Mallett Mask No.1 L'Hydration 6.09oz
David Mallett

David Mallett Mask No.1 L'Hydration 6.09oz

The No.1 mask is our strongest solution for hair that needs a maximum blast of moisture.

The mask contains our powerful hair-strengthening vegetable protein also used in David Mallett No.1 conditioner but in a more intense formula which gives deeper penetration and more repair – working at a molecular level. The result is hair which is much less likely to be damaged or broken by styling or by environmental conditions.

For hair that needs moisture, strength, and revival, this is an ultimate product; a spa treatment for hair.

Apply the mask to cleansed and towel-dry hair, paying special attention to dry areas, especially the ends.

As a regular weekly treatment, leave the mask for 5 to 10 minutes. For a deeper moisture penetration, leave it for longer - up to 30 minutes.

When ready, comb through and rinse the hair thoroughly, and proceed with conditioner.