David Mallett Spray No.2 Le Volume 5.07oz
David Mallett

David Mallett Spray No.2 Le Volume 5.07oz

To create the “Bouncy Hair” effect and to restore optimal volume to healthy hair.


Its fluid and light formula provides volume and suppleness without making hair sticky. Hair feels revitalized, gets a bouncy finish and a silky shine. An ideal daily treatment for fine and limp hair or to enhance volume and provide a glamour effect to any type or style of hair.


The exclusive formula contains Japanese Nori Seaweed Extracts, providing a beneficial effect on de-vitalised hair. Its nutritive composition is rich in vitamin A, C and B12 as well as mineral trace elements, offering a long lasting regenerating and strengthening hair treatment.

The result is hair with an airy feel and restored vitality. This visible and durable effect allows styling and setting to be performed with maximum volume and discipline. The hair is supple and in motion and has a wonderful shine. Styling and volume last longer.


The Spray No.2 is to be applied on hairline of damp or towel-dry hair before styling to achieve body and stability. Vaporise the Spray No.2 on washed and towel dried hair. Comb through to spread evenly, then proceed with styling. Do not rinse. The Spray No.2 can also be used after styling as a light finishing and defining spray.


For a glamorous volume effect apply Spray No.2 and gently massage hair scalp to create lift at the roots. Pre-dry your hair with the head upside down before blow-drying or styling.