Crème Riche - Body Butter - 6.8oz by Diptyque

Crème Riche - Body Butter - 6.8oz

In tribute to travel adventures and its unforgettable scents, Diptyque created a line uniquely inspired by age-old rituals that invite you to rediscover a new Art of Body Care…

A sensorial, olfactory journey that takes you around the Mediterranean Sea, from Florence to Byzantium, Aleppo to Alexandria, and on to Cordoba, Spain. These five destinations have inspired five original body care products, with five distinct rituals and five captivating fragrances, to combine according to your desires. Byzantium – an ancient Greek city and an Oriental dream where odalisques pamper themselves to preserve their beauty, basking in exquisite baths. As luscious as a Turkish delight and soft as a Byzantine rose, this deliciously rich cream is a powdery caress after a hot bath. It is a sensual, welcoming contrast, like fresh butter on languid skin. A total indulgence, this Rich Butter is like a lavish, satin comforter.

A sumptuous blend of choice ingredients, Rich Butter combines the renowned soothing properties of rose floral water with the radianceboosting effects of organic honey and the long-term protection of argan oil which nourishes even the driest, sensitive skin. It leaves the skin glowing and delicately perfumed.

Rose floral water refreshes, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Organic honey helps boost the skin's moisture and radiance. It is rich in mineral salts, vitamins and fatty acids. Argan oil (virgin, organic) is concentrated in vitamin E, fatty acids and sterols. It nourishes even dry, sensitive skin and gives it long-term protection by combating free radicals.

The generosity of Damask rose melds with the mystery of myrrh and the strength of Peru balm.
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