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Cypress Mask - Eau de Parfum

Insanity concealed in elegance

The legendary “sarugaku” entertainer Zeami took the entertainment of Noh theater and raised it to the level of art. Possessed of refined elegance and an insanity to purse his art to the ultimate limits, Zeami gave his very life over to performing. Wearing a mask of Japanese cypress (hinoki), he would dance elegantly and quietly on the stage, completely overwhelming all who saw him. Seeking the ultimate form of his art, he moved beyond just depicting people and animals. He finally achieved the performance of a “spiritual being,” something that cannot even be seen, and created a new style of Noh called “Mugen Noh” in the process and truly transformed himself in countless visionary ways. The elegance of his dancing on the stage, and an impassioned insanity toward the art of performance. Wearing a mask of cypress, one who truly mastered the arts.

Elegantly, quietly dancing Japanese cypress (hinoki), and art sharpened freely to the point of insanity. The stimulation of the spices saffron and nutmeg combines in complexity with the cedar wood, letting the artistry of a proud fragrance dance elegantly.

  • Top Notes: Saffron, hinoki, nutmet
  • Middle Notes: Myrrh, incense, bokuju
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, papyrus, leather, oud/jinko, hidden Japonism 834