Easy to Love EdP 3.4oz Eau d'Italie
Eau d'Italie

Easy to Love - Eau de Parfum

It all began 15 years ago, in Positano, with the creation of the signature Eau d’Italie fragrance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hotel Le Sirenuse.

Since then, Eau d’Italie has grown from a single fragrance inspired by Positano to a lifestyle declaration: a brand dedicated to bringing Italy to the world, each fragrance a private view of Italy translated into scent.

After reaching the 15th year, Eau d'Italie wants to celebrate the anniversary with a special scent. How to do it came naturally because Italy is by nature Easy To Love, just like the new fragrance.

An intriguing, subtle melody of fig and flowers, seductive and timeless - just like Italy.

Notes: white currant, fig, white peony, honey, tonka bean and ambrette seeds.