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Encense Flamboyant - Eau de Parfum

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Drawn to the captivating and melancholic sound of music, she ventures down a palace lane away from the bustling city. She glimpses the scene of an ancient perfuming ritual through a mashrabiya. Bejeweled silhouettes are standing around an incense burner. Thin columns of smoke rise up through the balmy night air to the starry sky.

An ode to frankincense, masterfully blended in three formats : frankincense essence emerges first, a distillation of tears of frankincense, whose ethereal and mineral freshness evoke cold stone. Black pepper and rose berry bring a pungency and edginess. Then comes frankincense resinoid, a warm and balmy scent, steeped in precious spices, cardamom and nutmeg. Finally, "Vieille Eglise" frankincense deliciously burnt and warmed by woody balsam fir, welcoming and sweet, and pure extract of lentisque. Drawn from arid vegetation, it is also used in Kiphi, the prized Pharaonic perfume.

As the ingredients are mainly raw materials from vegetal resin origin and usually used as base notes in the fragrances, we advise you not to trust your first impression : leave the fragrance the time to blossom on your skin... After a while the perfume will finally reveal you the strength of its personality.


  • Perfumer: Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen
  • Created: 2007
Encense Flamboyant - Eau de Parfum
Encense Flamboyant - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 200.00