Eric Buterbaugh "Florals" Scent Collection
Eric Buterbaugh

Eric Buterbaugh "Florals" Scent Collection

  • Apollo - Hyacinth Alberto Morillas chose to focus on the stem of the hyacinth, rather than its petals, in creating this green, floral fantasy.  The addition of pear accord gives it a sugary note and makes it as mineral and watery as the flower sap itself.  It is incredibly elegant and subtle, all the way to its warm, soothing, woody finish. 
  • Virgin - Lily of the Valley Pierre Negrin conceived this delightful lily like a tower of glass, where all is visible from the start, from top to bottom.  The tingle of a citrus, the beauty of the Lily and the softness of musks, are all present at once.  The result is a Lily floating in the air in all its white purity. 
  • Regal Tuberose This tuberose in the jungle was born from the travel memories of its creator.  Strong, intoxicating and proud of its celebrated lineage in fragrance history...with a twist.  A drop of grapefruit juice and a sting of pepper make it the most modern Tuberose fragrance alive.
  • Celestial Jasmine A flower with a Persian origin has been re-imagined by Greek perfumer Ilias Ermemidis who was born in Istanbul. A perfect clash between the white sparkle of Jasmine petals, the sensuality of ambergris and the darker carnal effect of amber.
  • Sultry Rose Eric's signature flower demanded an iconic indelible fragrance interpretation.  This Rose is only that: a Rose.  A resplendent, unforgettable, haunting Rose.  Created by master perfumer Ilias Ermenidis for himself a long while ago, it was given to Eric as an homage to his floral artistry.
  • Velvet Lavender  Both Eric and master perfumer Harry Fremont grew up with lavender.  in fact, the entire back of Eric's floral shop is still covered with the flower.  This creation is all warmth and sensuality, balance and intrigue.  Vanilla, sage, sandalwood and musk, come through. but Lavender is the host, present from beginning to end.
  • Fragile Violet  Violet fragrances are typically all leaf (greener, watery), or all petal (sweeter, powdery, woody floral).  Alberto Morillas refused to choose and created a fragrance in equilibrium.  The result is a gorgeous, delicate work of art that stays close to the skin and feels clean and resplendent all at once.