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Fir - Limited Edition Holiday 2023 Candle

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Sale price$ 148.00

Exquisite hints of myrrh and incense absolute mingle with the head notes of Siberian pine and fir tree, creating a captivating scent that beckons to the power and splendor of a Christmas tree. Light the Fir scented candle and revel in the alluring scent of a festive essential.


For the festive season, Trudon celebrates 380 years of splendor by emitting a blaze of four distinct perfumes that reverberate with the power of the Sun King. Each scented candle radiates with a bright, golden aura, evocative of the grandeur of astronomy as a science.

Masterfully crafted with a singular savoir-faire, the glasses - azure for Fir - are adorned with a golden leaf on the inner side, emanating a halo of beams that encircle a metalized Trudon emblem.



  • Top Notes: Leather, Siberian pine, Fir tree
  • Middle Notes: Gaiac wood , Chinese cedar, Myrrh
  • Base Notes: Spanish Cistus, Absolute Incense, Patchouli