Hair Serum #DM027 1.7oz by David Mallett
David Mallett

Hair Serum #DM027 1.7oz

David Mallett Hair Serum is a unique formula which offers instant care. It is immediately absorbed, leaving hair protected, nourished and with an amazing shine.

Unlike other serums it does not coat the hair in a layer of heavy product.

The key active ingredient in David Mallett Hair Serum is macadamia nut oil, which adds shine and health to the hair. The formulation offers a high-quality natural alternative to mink oil that is traditionally used.

David Mallett Hair Serum is lightly perfumed with ylang ylang and sweet almond oil.

  • A unique, dual-action formula that both enhances and tames curls.
  • Adds shine, softness, and moisture for easy maintenance.
  • Smoothes messy hair, reduces tangles, and tames stray or unruly ends.
  • Adds definition and texture to the style and cut.
  • Helps to control hair during blow-drying for greater precision.
  • Protects against damage caused by sun, wind, salt water and chlorine.
  • Maintains and extends peroxide-based colour by protecting the hair structure.
  • Reflects light to create intense shine; in sunlight, artificial light or under studio conditions