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Iron Wind - Eau de Parfum

Love concealed in strength

The warlord Nobunaga Oda; a hero who carved out the future, moved history and changed the world. Possessed of overwhelming strength and a yet an endlessly deep love. Armored, slicing through the taut air as he led his troops into battle, he crushed the armies of his enemies. He came to be known as the “Devil King” among the people and was feared by all foes due to his unbending strength. Behind this fearsome epithet, however, he also possessed a deep love; throwing festivals in honor of the hard work of those beneath him, dressing as a woman to sing and dance alongside his followers, and doing everything he could to please those of his clan and his country. Clad in an iron wind, a revolutionary hero who lived in turbulent times and changed the world.

The powerful wind created when iron slices the air, and a love as deep as the earth itself. Elegant saffron and noble woods cross beyond discord and reach complete alignment. Sensual iris provides further strength. Filled with uniqueness, a new creation from the fragrances of the trees.

  • Top Notes: Saffron, clove, cumin
  • Middle Notes: Iris, violet leaves, ambrette, iron, oud/jinko
  • Base Notes: Dry woods, cedarwood, incense, hidden Japonism 834