Jeux de Peau | Serge Lutens Collection |
Serge Lutens

Jeux de Peau - Eau de Parfum

Jeux de Peau, which translates from French as "play on skin," is Serge Lutens at his most playful. The concept of the fragrance is to capture the scent of toasted bread. Jeux de Peau goes further by layering the toast with luscious notes of coconut, apricot and black licorice.

Nevertheless, the gourmand idea is presented as an abstract etude. The initial honeyed brightness of anise and immortelle does not prepare one for the dark twists that follow—the richness of sandalwood, the smoky warmth of incense, the sweetness of amber. The end result is a beautiful and refined fragrance, with strong accents of wood and amber framing the deliciously toasted notes. A familiar scent rendered in the most unconventional manner!

  • Top Notes: Milk
  • Middle Notes: Licorice, coconut
  • Base Notes: Osmanthus, apricot, amber, incense, sandalwood
  • Olfactive Group: Oriental / Gourmand
  • Perfumer: Christopher Sheldrake
  • Created: 2011