La Notte di Capri - Candle 10.5oz by Fornasetti
Fornasetti Profumi

La Notte di Capri - Candle 10.5oz

The 'La Notte di Capri' design is a variation of one of Fornasetti's most cherished and enduring patterns. Piero Fornasetti always had a great passion for Capri and created his iconic Capri décors from his imagination, in advance of ever visiting the legendary island. Piero eventually took the family to Capri for holidays and during the 1960's he also opened an ephemeral Fornasetti store here.

'La Notte di Capri' (Capri by night) is the serene setting of the island's building on a dark, inky night with the moon gently beaming. The combination of the personified moonlight and the stylized architecture create a distinctive panorama tor this new design. The color combination of faded yellow and midnight blue is also quite unique in the context of Fornasetti's work.

  • Top Notes: Lemon, bergamot, mandarin, galbanum
  • Middle Notes: Pine sap
  • Base Notes: Cistus, labdanum, iodine, ambergris