Le Troisieme Parfum - Eau de Parfum 1.7oz by Coolife

Le Troisieme Parfum - Eau de Parfum

LE TROISIÈME PARFUM awakens the vital energies of the body, illuminating you from within. Like the sun’s warmth energizes the earth, Le Troisième animates your strength, purpose, and confidence.

Its bright yet deep blend of luxurious essential oils elicits the aura of Manipura, the third chakra. Warm and radiant, Le Troisième arouses your most empowered being. Manipura “jewel city” in Sanskrit contains the pearls of clarity, wisdom, and confidence most essential to your being. Within the body, this lively energy center sits at the solar plexus, absorbing and assimilating prana from the sun.

Like the suns warmth energizes the earth, Le Troisième activates the vital energies, animating you with strength and purpose. Bright yet deep, Le Troisième is an articulation of the self-assured soul. Vivid, sunny notes of Italian citrus, Neroli flower, and Egyptian jasmine weave through a ground of French vetiver, Guatemalan cardamom, musk, and juniper berry from Eastern Europe.

Anointed by Le Troisième you are radiant, empowered in all your pursuits.