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Matéo - Eau de Parfum

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Matéo is a delightful "Boisé Vert Musqué" perfume and features the remarkable scent of the leaf of a unique Mediterranean perennial seldom-used in perfumery, and an artful blend of frankincense, cistus essential oil, and an array of additional precious essential oils. Matéo’s elegant heart is constructed with precious rhizome and musky wood accords. This elegant perfume incorporates costly concretes and more traditional materials, and shows that a sophisticated fragrance can be created with unusual ingredients. Our faithful customers who have enjoyed our Cèdre Eau de Toilette for fifteen years will discover that Matéo is a worthy contender for the lead as our sophisticated, sexy wood fragrance.

As for each of our fragrances, we invite you to close your eyes, clear your mind, forget about olfactory pyramids, and immerse yourself with this wonderful scent and create your very own personal interpretation of Matéo and new memories.

Matéo - Eau de Parfum - Parfums 06130
Matéo - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 245.00