Musc Nomade - EdP Men's Flacon 3.4oz by Annick Goutal
Annick Goutal

Musc Nomade - EdP Men's Flacon 3.4oz

Annick Goutal was already enchanted by the sophistication of musk devotees, the Qatar Princesses, who bathed their bodies and hair in a divine blend of musk powder and rose essence, and fragranced their rooms by burning oud wood. She dreamed of capturing the aphrodisiac effect of this material reputed to stir the senses and hold men captivated...

Driven by ecological commitment and the desire to preserve nature, Camille and Isabelle have dared to defy convention: by reinventing a musk that's vibrant and captivating without direct use of animal products. They offer us an odorous spell, a "second skin" fragrance with soft and tender sensorially.

A supernatural musk...
A virtuous composition orchestrated by muscone, the principle fragrance of natural musk. Subtle, discreet and near-imperceptible, it gradually reveals its powdery tones, warm and reassuring like fur.

The scent is then unveiled in a cloud of white musk, one of which originates from angelica root, with its wooded and lightly fruity nuances, before being ignited by the smooth creaminess of amber resin. The fragrance finally gains greater body, vigor and sensuality through Tonka beans, with nuances of almond and labdanum, deep and fiery, and Bombay wood. This essence, extracted from a variety of papyrus, expresses facets that are dark and devilishly captivating.

The smell of the musk can seem imperceptible for some persons… It is intimist, transparent and soft. Nevertheless it is an indispensable ingredient to allow the perfume to hold well on the skin. The musk will wake up by sparks throughout the day and its scents will surprise you as by magic, but in a reassuring way.


  • Olfactive Group: Oriental
  • Perfumer: Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen
  • Created: 2007
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