Notre Dame - Candle 220gr by Frederic Malle
Frederic Malle

Notre Dame - Candle 220gr

"Of my extremely short career as an altar boy in Paris I only remember the giggles of my friends in the audience and the scent of incense." Frederic Malle. 

The dry warmth of the fumes merges with the damp coolness of the stone to generate this uniquely serene atmosphere. From his lab in New York City, Bruno Jovanovic managed to overcome the technical difficulty that this specific scent entails - particularly that of burning in- cense, a resin, with a wick - and to reproduce this ecclesiastic atmosphere. 

Light this candle, and within minutes you are transported to a church during midnight mass. The peppery brightness of incense slowly segues into the irresistible smoky heart. Embellished with soft woods, the aroma of Notre Dame oscillates between the warm dryness of incense and a damp mineral chill. Spellbinding!

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