OdeJo - Perfume Oil

OdeJo - Perfume Oil

OdeJo was founded by creative director and fashion stylist Jo Levin.  The Story of O is a story of one woman’s obsession…with fragrance.

Jo Levin found the oil that would become her scent signature in an apothecary long ago and far away. While her career as a fashion stylist blossomed, she was often asked about her perfume, and she never really knew what to say about her enigmatic oil. So she came up with a simple, enigmatic answer. “It’s Eau de Jo.” 

Her favourite time of day is the golden hour in summer, just before night falls, when the earth still holds the heat of the sun. That sensual reverie is the essence of OdeJo: lily and Tahitian rose, warm and lingering, cucumber oil and blue sea kelp, fresh and vivid.   Jo always wore O as an oil, so OdeJo comes as both an eau de toilette and a rollerball, which deepens the fragrance on the skin.

The slow reveal is at the heart of perfume’s elusive nature. OdeJo began as a mystery, and, like any great obsession, it’s not yet ready to give up all its secrets.

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