Pensee - Incense Box (80 sticks) by Fornasetti
Pensee - Incense Box (80 sticks) by Fornasetti
Pensee - Incense Box (80 sticks) by Fornasetti
Fornasetti Profumi

Pensee - Incense Box (80 sticks)

Fornasetti Profumi incense boxes feature beautifully hand-made and decorated ceramic lids with hand-crafted wooden boxes. Includes 80 Japanese incense sticks created by renowned Japanese manufacturer Nippon Kodo. Nippon Kodo’s devotion to making fine incense follows a long and honoured tradition that started more than 430 years ago. This know-how can be traced back to highly skilled artisans in the art that were the principal providers of precious rare and exquisite aromas to the Japanese Court.

Scented with ‘Otto’, a sophisticated and unique scent that transcends time, season, gender and borders. Created by master perfumer Olivier Polge it makes use of ingredients that are of personal significance to Barnaba - Mediterranean herbs that were found in and around the family home, woods often utilised in interiors designs or pieces of furniture created by Fornasetti. Other more ethereal ingredients - such as incense - conjure a latent spirituality or sense of dreamscape that is often present in Fornasetti graphic poetry.

The image that adorns the incense box was originally on a rectangular tray with a coin in the palm of the hand. The Pensee (pansy) replaces the coin on this incense box.


  • Top Notes:  Thyme, lavender
  • Middle Notes: Iris, cedarwood
  • Base Notes: Tolu balsam, incense, labdanum, birch
  • Perfumer: Oliver Polge
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