Seven Veils Travel Spray Set | Byredo Collection |

Seven Veils - Travel Spray Set of 3 x 12ml EdP's

Based on the biblical tale of Salome's dance of the Seven Veils, a story of many layers. Tainted and bejeweled, Salome turns to the art of shameless seduction. Barefooted, sanguine and black eyed, she demands a man´s head on a plate in exchange for one single dance...

A spicy oriental composition built around the warmth of vanilla flower and Indian sandalwood. The pimento berries are smoothened by the innocent feel of vanilla beans and create a sensual character.

The freshness of carrot seeds adds to the idea of different layers and Seven Veils becomes a versatile fragrance that can be worn all year round.

  • Top Notes: Carrot seed, pimento berries
  • Middle Notes: Tahitian vanilla flower, rose, glycine, orchid
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, vanilla bean
  • Olfactive Group: Oriental
  • Created: 2011