Spring Snow - Eau de Parfum 50ml | Tobali
Spring Snow - Eau de Parfum 50ml | Tobali
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Spring Snow - Eau de Parfum

Calm concealed in grace

The kabuki actor the ultimate male performer of female roles, devoted himself completely to depicting the true form of women. Possessed of an illusory grace and calmness, he brilliantly depicted the beauty of women in a way that transcended gender. World-renowned novelist Yukio Mishima praised his beauty, and together they created works that will remain forever in history. Even after becoming a star, he never became proud, and treated people extremely gently and politely while quietly handling himself. This earned much respect as a man of character. Having lived his life on the stage, devoted to an image of beauty transcending that of gender, he finally passed away on an illusory day very much befitting the life he had led; with the spring cherry blossom in the full bloom in the garden amid a powdered scattering of unseasonable snow.

The countlessly blooming graceful cherry blossom and the calm, regulated dance of unseasonal powdered snow.
The smooth, pure and sparkling white sandalwood brings an even more elegant fragrance to the turmeric (ukon) cherry tree flowers, providing a deeper mellowness.
An illusory fragrance, like unseasonal snow dancing on a spring day.

  • Top Notes: Ukon, sakura, creamy, powdery snow accord
  • Middle Notes: White sandalwood, cashmere wood, vetiver
  • Base Notes: Musk, amber, hidden Japonism 834