Stockholm 1978 - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Vilhelm Parfumerie
Vilhelm Parfumerie

Stockholm 1978 - Eau de Parfum

Summer in Stockholm. The sun is an amulet, suspended above the city. Each evening, it contemplates its descent only to change its mind and return to its position overhead. Under its perennial glow, night fuses with day, creating a feeling of limitless possibility. Crisp lemon zest, warm almond, the uplift of geranium, with a tinge of patchouli and a drift of faraway green fields in the breeze.
  • Top Notes: Black pepper, lemon zest, almond
  • Middle Notes: Geranium, rosemary
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, black amber, moss
  • Olfactive Group: Chypre 
  • Perfumer: Jerome Epinette
  • Created: 2015