Le Vetiver - EdT 2.5oz by Lubin

Le Vetiver - Eau de Toilette

Le Vetiver by Lubin was inspired by an unusually snowy evening in Paris at the apse of Notre Dame. The cold inspired this "winter vetiver", which sparked a desire for crackling fires, recalling the frankincense that burned in Medieval cathedrals, where people came in winter to warm up. For children unfamiliar with its meaning, the word "vetiver" became a legendary character invented for the time. They were told that "Le Vetiver" is a Celtic spirit who lives in the deep forests of Armorica.

It is as mysterious as Dionysus, savage and refined at the same time. This spirit is a magician who brings life back into nature every spring with a single breath after the harshness of winter. This untamed man radiates true sensuality.

The fragrance begins with a citrus-like freshness, with notes of mandarin, orange, grapefruit and orange blossom. These soon give way to a double East-meets-West accord, evoking both an adventurer who visits the Sultan of Yoyakarta's palace (Java vetiver, clove, nutmeg) and a Wild West cowboy (bright tobacco and Eastern red cedar). Finally, myrrh and frankincense add a touch of mystery, recalling Christmas Eve and cooling down the spicy Caribbean pepper.

  • Top Notes: Mandarin, orange, grapefruit, orange blossom
  • Middle Notes: Java vetiver, clove, nutmeg, tobacco, red cedar
  • Base Notes: Myrrh, frankincense, Caribbean pepper
  • Olfactive Group: Woody
  • Perfumer: Lucien Ferrero
  • Created: 2007