Tzor'a EdP 3.4oz by Anat Fritz
Anat Fritz

Anat Fritz - Tzor'a - Eau de Parfum

TZOR´A – An ancient piece of land near Jerusalem, where the biblical story of Samson and Delilah begins. On a hill - with a breathtaking view over the whole landscape - lies Kibbutz TZOR´A between pomegranate, olive and citrus trees. Luscious fruit trees wherever you look.

Paradise. My imaginary home. The place I refer to when asked for the most beautiful place in the world. TZOR´A is an ode to this piece of nature, which emanates freedom, authenticity and self-confidence. Fresh and clear...– Anat Fritz

TZOR´A is a bright, peppery unisex fragrance, featuring a zingy mix of warm citrus, pepper, earth, moss, and woods - composed by Geza Schoen, world renowned perfumer and avantgardist. “He is the only person, who I considered working with. And the result proves it: It is a perfect interpretation of my vision.” – Anat Fritz

  • Top Notes: Cassis, clarysage, bergamot, pepper
  • Middle Notes: Magnolia, osmanthus, jasmine
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, vetiver, patchouly, musk, moss
  • Olfactive Group: Fresh
  • Perfumer: Geza Schoen
  • Created: 2012