Mark Birley

Mark Birley is the legendary founder of ANNABEL's Club in London, together with Pierre Bourdon, creator of fragrances for Yves St. Laurent, Shiseido and Davidoff, joined forces to produce the definitive Eau de Toilette: A modern men's fragrance that would embody the quality and the chic of traditional eau de toilettes.
Eighteeen months and 180 trials later they decided that they had achieved their goal. A product with a level of quality that is the highest available in the world. The product expressly created for members of ANNABEL's Club, London, was an immediate success and as a result it became on demand from all around the World.
Mark Birley - Shower Gel 6.6oz Quick shop
Mark Birley - Shower Gel 6.6oz
Mark Birley

Mark Birley - Shower Gel 6.6oz

$ 40.00

Pierre Bourdon created this unique and distinctive men's fragrance in collaboration with Frederic Malle. Mark Birley is based on bergamot, mandarin, violet and base notes of musk, incense, carrot seeds, cedar, leather and amber.

A gentle body cleansing gel infused with the incredible oils of Mark Birley's signature fragrance. Can be used also on your hair. The plastic tube makes it perfect for travelling.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, violet, carrot seed, lemon
  • Middle Notes: Vetiver, sandalwood, cedar, leather, incense
  • Base Notes: Musk
  • Olfactive Group: Woody
  • Perfumer: Pierre Bourdon
  • Created: 1996
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