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About Us

Aedes de Venustas , which translates to "temple of beauty" in Latin, opened in March of 1995 on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, New York.
The idea behind AEDES is providing personalized service and exclusive scents that could not be found in department stores. The result: a seductive fragrance sanctuary with scented candles, potpourris, perfumes, soaps, skin care products all displayed on ornate etageres and damask-covered tables.
We relocated to the vibrant Lower East Side in 2018 offering fragrance consultation by a dedicate perfume advisor.
Besides the Aedes de Venustas collection our fragrance library includes prestigious brands such as Astier de Villatte, Santa Maria Novella, Cire Trudon, Nomenclature, Lubin, Memo Paris, Vilhelm Parfumerie, Santa Maria Novella,  and many others.
Discover the the World of Aedes de Venustas!