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Epidor - Eau de Parfum Quick shop
Epidor - Eau de Parfum

Epidor - Eau de Parfum

$ 130.00

Its symbolism is based on ears of wheat, the emblem of wealth and fertility since ancient times. Epidor is a bucolic fragrance that evokes harvest time, a season of utmost importance for farmers in the French countryside a century ago. A joyful, sunny period, it was also a rare opportunity for young people to meet and kindle romances. To illustrate this special atmosphere, Epidor has included a generous amount of tonka bean, which releases the aromas of vanilla, new mown hay and almond.

The head note is very musky, while the orange blossom heart develops a soft floral accord of jasmine and violet. The base is highly concentrated in tonka bean (coumarin) with facets of fresh-cut hay, frangipane and vanilla, leaving a persistent, suave fragrance trail.

The ripe wheat swayed yesterday in the summer breeze. The blond sheaves now lie scattered on the ground and the laborers have filled their jute sacks with the golden grain. The village girls lay down their sickles, and in a shady copse, quench their thirst in the stream. They’ll dance tonight to celebrate harvest’s end. A peddler came by yesterday, and now, their skin is fragrant with orange blossom, mingling with jasmine and violet. Their rough smocks have a musky scent, and notes of fresh-cut hay and frangipane tart swirl in the air. While darkness descends upon the fields, they close their eyes for a moment, giving way to their dreams.


  • Top Notes: Violet, plum
  • Middle Notes: Jasmine, orange blossom
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla
  • Created: 1912 (original) / 2017 
  • Perfumer: Thomas Fontaine




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Escentric 04 - EdT 3.4oz by Escentric Molecules Quick shop
Escentric 04 - EdT 3.4oz by Escentric Molecules
Escentric Molecules

Escentric 04 - EdT 3.4oz

$ 150.00

The futuristic freshness of Javanol, a sheer sandalwood molecule, is at the heart of the new fragrance pair from Escentric Molecules

For Escentric 04, perfumer Geza Schoen took inspiration from the grapefruit accents in Javanol. The result is a uniquely fresh interpretation of a sandalwood fragrance, fizzing with crisp, bitter topnotes of pink grapefruit peel. Juniper and pink pepper give an extra shot of freshness, and marijuana brings out the softer quality of the grapefruit pith.

The heart is orris with a ‘fresh soft rose’ that Schoen composed from four different rose materials. The drydown is balsamic and woody with Javanol in combination with the somewhat sweeter sandalwood molecule, Polysantol. 

  • Perfumer: Geza Schoen
  • Created: 2017


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Human - Eau de Parfum Quick shop
Human - Eau de Parfum
Efva Attling

Human - Eau de Parfum

$ 165.00

Efva Attling's second perfume - made for all human beings and hand- picked in every detail. 
  • Top notes: Pink pepper, tangerine
  • Middle notes: Violet, orchid, papyrus leaves
  • Base notes: Vetiver, panna cotta accord, black amber
  • Perfumer: Jerome Epinette
  • Olfactive Group: Oriental
  • Created: 2017
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Missive15 - Eau de Parfum 1.7oz Quick shop
Missive15 - Eau de Parfum 1.7oz
Maria Christofilis

Missive15 - Eau de Parfum 1.7oz

$ 150.00

Exotic, complex notes that merge together into a beautiful oriental woody abstraction.

Calabrian bergamot essence, Davana essence India, Rose petal water extract Turkey, Schecuan pepper essence. Interlude: blended with Casablanca lilies, Jasmin infusio, Osmanthus absolute , Ylang ylang essence Moheli & Allspice essence. Epilogue: Suede accord, Oakmoss absolute, Vanilla bean absolute Madagascar, Honey accord & Myrrh absolute.

"Nothing makes the heart skip a beat more intensely than finding a long forgotten letter from a loved one, maybe inside the pages of a book, maybe in the bottom of a rarely opened drawer. Our reading stops at every word and our eyes become teary. We revive not only the moment those lines describe, we live again that same instant when we read the letter for the first time. Just like our memory gets a bolt because of a scent, written words etch themselves in our souls and make us feel stronger, more loved, more alive."

Inspired by how letters change our world and the lost tradition of letter writing, I was inspired to create a scent that would capture the essence of a hand written love letter and this fading tradition by encapsulating a letter in a single bottle.

In collaboration with master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Missive15 -- the essence of a love letter was created.


  • Top Notes: Bergamot, rose water, davana
  • Middle Notes: Schecuan pepper, osmanthus, jasmine, lilies
  • Base Notes: Ylang ylang, suede, oakmoss, vanilla, honey, myrrh
  • Olfactive Group: Oriental
  • Perfumer: Rodrigo Flores-Roux
  • Created: 2017
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Palais de Tokyo - Candle (glass) 8.3oz Quick shop
Palais de Tokyo - Candle (glass) 8.3oz
Astier de Villatte

Palais de Tokyo - Candle (glass) 8.3oz

$ 85.00

Rising from a snow-covered landscape, delectable vapours of green citrus fruit, peppermint-frozen magnolia, crystal clear moss and musk. A woody amber accord provides a touch of warmth.

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Pélargonium EdP by Aedes de Venustas Quick shop
Pélargonium EdP by Aedes de Venustas
Pélargonium EdP by Aedes de Venustas
Pélargonium EdP by Aedes de Venustas

Pélargonium - Eau de Parfum

$ 245.00

The Muse: Egyptian Geranium

A very special variety of geranium -- not to be confused with the red blooms that grace window boxes --, Pelargonium graveolens, whose name means “sweet-scented”, yields one of the most versatile essences in perfumery. Distilled from the leaves of the plant rather than its flowers, it has long been used as a fresh rosy note, hence its vernacular name, “rose geranium”. Ever since the late 19th century, it is one of the key materials of the masculine fougère family. In Pelargonium, the perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer draws geranium from the depths of the fragrance pyramid to display its complex facets.

The Scent: Pelargonium

A strikingly elegant still life in scent, Pelargonium portrays its namesake ingredient like one of the mysterious floral compositions of Dutch Golden Age paintings. Described by Nathalie Feisthauer as “aromatic, with a crushed-leaf facet, less fruity and more balsamic than rose, almost incense-like”, geranium Egypt acts as the central motif of this intriguing composition.

The perfumer starts by stretching a canvas of cool orris notes on a neat cedar-wood frame. Then she paints a dark, smoky background of vetiver Haiti, guaiac wood and moss.

Shot through with glints of green cardamom, the golden light of Calabrian bergamot suffuses the scene, caught by richly textured ingredients that bring volume and contrast to the composition. The herbal sweetness of carrot enriches the orris accord; ambery clary sage suggests the softness of velvety leaves.

Lemony, peppery, incense-like elemi resin enhances both the fresh and balsamic facets of geranium. As a haze of musks smooths out its edges, Pelargonium’s stately bouquet takes on a spare, abstract beauty.


  • Top Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, clary sage, black pepper, Sichuan pepper, cardamom
  • Middle Notes: Egyptian geranium, orris, carrot seed, elemi resin
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, vetiver, guaiac wood, musk, moss
  • Perfumer: Nathalie Feisthauer
  • Olfactive Group: Aromatic 
  • Created: 2017




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Rose de Neige - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz Quick shop
Rose de Neige - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz
Parfum de Rosine

Rose de Neige - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz

$ 165.00

A rose garden surprised by the first frost. Powdery accords defined with aquatic nuances.

  • Top Notes: Frosted mandarin, pink pepper, lychee, watermelon
  • Middle Notes: Rose, violet
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, ambroxan, heliotrope
  • Olfactive Group: Powdery floral
  • Perfumer: Nicolas Bonneville
  • Created: 2016


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Shi_so EdP by Nomenclature Quick shop
Shi_so EdP by Nomenclature
Shi_so EdP by Nomenclature
Shi_so EdP by Nomenclature

Shi_so - EdP

$ 165.00


Though fragrance chemistry can’t yet say “green” in quite as many ways as Nature, today its variegated palette goes far beyond “grass” or “Granny Smith”. Thus, Givaudan’s herbaceous Glycolierral® captures the cool scent of a crushed ivy leaf – hence the name given by Givaudan to the molecule, from the French word for “ivy”, lierre.

THE SCENT: Thinking Green

Say it with a long “o” – Shisõ – and in Japanese, it means “modern thought”. With a short “o”, it trips over the tongue with the uniquely complex flavor of the shiso leaf. An iconic herb in Japanese cuisine, shiso is seldom featured in fragrance. But its smell – a blend of mint, basil and cumin with a metallic flash -- has long fascinated Bertrand Duchaufour. In shi_sõ, he spins it into an arrestingly modern take on a classic genre, the eau de Cologne, replacing citrus with a kaleidoscope of green notes. The zesty bite of cardamom. A sprig of cool spearmint. Lemony verbena. Raspy blackcurrant. Soapy almondy anise. Tart rhubarb. Glycolierral® wraps the bracing blend in a sweet, milky, sap-laden effect.



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Venenum Eau de Parfum 2.5oz - Natura Fabularis Collection Quick shop
Venenum Eau de Parfum 2.5oz - Natura Fabularis Collection
L'Artisan Parfumeur

Venenum Eau de Parfum 2.5oz - Natura Fabularis Collection

$ 210.00

The blend of sandalwood scents, spices and rice notes instantly evokes an exotic landscape. A fascinating new world.

A new world is opened up. Would it be a forest of sandalwood where rice is steamed while drinking spicy chai or a wide golden field of grains? Venenum awakens memories and souvenirs of India without dwelling upon it. It oscillates between the scent of hot freshly made bread, milky clouds, spicy tea and smooth sandalwood. No matter where Daphné Bugey has decided to make us travel, the sensation is as gentle as it is enveloping. This venin is so flirtatious that it teases.

  • Top Notes: Masala Chai
  • Middle Notes: Rice
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood
  • Perfumer: Daphné Bugey
  • Olfactive Group: Spice
  • Created: 2016


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