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Checkmate - Eau de Parfum

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Henri Frapin likes to relax on these springtime Sundays in the garden opposite the property, built in 1702 and located above the production site. He contemplates this region made up of woodland, rivers and pastures where he was born and which is in his blood. He considers the manna provided by this nectar that the family has produced since 1889. His favourite time is when his son joins him at around 11am when the sun’s rays warm up this headland of forest above Segonzac.

The chessboard stands ready. His son sits and wordlessly resumes this metaphorical battle, the togetherness with his father in the pleasures of the game.The spring breeze brings with it the refreshing fragrances of the surrounding groves. The sun warms the citrus fruits which ripen in the terracotta pot on the table while the iris and heliotropes which line the path leading to the perron discard their coverings of dew and open up to fill the air with their scents.

Henri serves his son his traditional cardamom tea, a spice which shares its origins with this age-old game. Both players strive to checkmate the other while at the same time putting off the moment with a view to prolonging these special moments, this bridge between two generations, this connection of fatherly love which will bond them together forever.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot essence from Italy, lemon essence from Italy, cardamom essence from India
  • Heart Notes: Green leather, heliotrope flower, iris
  • Base Notes: Suede, essence of Virginian cedarwood, cashmere wood
Checkmate - Eau de Parfum | P. Frapin & Cie | AEDES.CO
Checkmate - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 180.00