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Balsam - AirEssence Diffuser 7.4oz

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A refreshing and luscious marriage that combines the essence of sweet balsam, California redwood, a hint of French sage and the bouquet of white flowers. Balsam was the fragrance of Agraria's very first candle, but at the time in 1970, it was just called the “Agraria Candle.” With the introduction of the Bitter Orange Candle the name was officially changed to Balsam.

Agraria's next generation of AirEssence™ now diffuses through sola flowers - made one at a time - by skilled artisans using the dried peel of the tapioca plant that is sewn onto a cotton wick. In keeping with the Agraria definition of “from the earth”, sola flowers - also referred to as balsa wood flowers - are a natural material and environmentally friendly.

As the fragrant essential oils are absorbed through the cotton wick, the flower petals will change to the color of the oil as the scent diffuses into the air.


  • Top note: Freesia
  • Heart note: French sage
  • Base notes: Sweet balsam and California redwood


Gift box includes a crystal glass tray (4.75" x 4.75"), 3 sola flowers and 20 diffuser sticks 


Agraria means "beautiful flowers growing in the fields," and is the brand name the founders, chose for their hand-made potpourri in the 1970's. First tossed in the back room of their San Francisco shop on Taylor Street, it was full of flowers, herbs, spices and its mysterious new fragrance became known as Bitter Orange. Its unique, spicy fragrance has been described by The New York Times as “uplifting, mysterious and androgynous in its appeal.”

Balsam - AirEssence Diffuser 7.4oz
Balsam - AirEssence Diffuser 7.4oz Sale price$ 136.00