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Bloody Wood - Eaux Sanguines

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Sale price$ 200.00

Grand cru bourgeois - a perfume of contrasts

It is quick-tempered. It enjoys the pleasures of life and thrives on passion. A noble, distinguished character, infused with truth.


  • Top Notes: White wine accord, violet, rose
  • Middle Notes: Fruity red wine, cherry, raspberry
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, oak barrel accord


Liquides Imaginaires stands grandly as a beacon in the realm of fragrance, a creation born from the mind of Phillipe Di Méo. His vision extends far beyond mere scent, striving to restore the sacredness of the perfume ceremony and elevate it to a realm of artistry and ritual.

At the core of Liquides Imaginaires lies a dedication to daring innovation, as each fragrance is encased in vessels resembling enigmatic amphorae, meticulously crafted with reverence by skilled artisans. These bottles contain more than just a scent; they embody the very essence of perfume itself—a blend of mystery, rarity, and intrigue, enticing exploration and interpretation. 

Bloody Wood - Eaux Sanguines
Bloody Wood - Eaux Sanguines Sale price$ 200.00