Blue Lagoon Shower Gel 6.8oz by Ligne St. Barth
Ligne St. Barth

Sea Breeze Collection - Blue Lagoon Shower Gel 6.8oz

Conjuring up images of turquoise waters shimmering beneath the dazzling sun, the Blue Lagoon Shower Gel is an exhilarating new body care product that leaves your skin purified and freshly fragranced. 

Like the fine foam that graces the white sandy shores of a lagoon, the delicate, creamy lather of this fresh and salty gel tenderly cleanses your face and body. This light and seductive azure blue shower gel warms with the water to release a fragrance of the sea with a touch of musk, transporting you to far-off lands.

Green and pure notes of driftwood are swept along in a salty wave of sensual splendour. The Blue Lagoon Shower Gel complements the virtues of other beauty care products in the LIGNE ST BARTH range.

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