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C.D.M. Candle

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It is now known that one of the most famous French productions, perfumes, was imported from Italy, with the Medici court.

"CDM is perhaps the fragrance that best represents the brand, because it expresses the search for beauty, beyond geographical boundaries and useless parochialism."

Inspired by a great Italian queen on the throne of France, CDM exudes noble scents of Florentine iris, skillfully wrapped in the warmth of amber and leather.

A perfect combination of Italian tradition and French excellence.

These handcrafted candles are enriched with precious fragrances specially created by international "noses" with a sartorial spirit. Small olfactory masterpieces, casted with artisanal methods in Made in Italy silk screen-printed glass.

The Greek key on the glass recalls the mosaic of a Roman villa of the ancient city of Sybaris. The packaging is handcrafted in Italy, in soft paper enriched with cotton fibers.

  • Top Notes: Myrrh, nutmeg, walnut
  • Middle Notes: Cinnamon, leather, iris
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, patchouli, amber

185 gr | 6.5oz

C.D.M. Candle 6.5oz | Conte Lumelli
C.D.M. Candle Sale price$ 75.00