Celebes Wood EdP by Mizensir 3.4oz

Celebes Wood - Eau de Parfum


An imaginary journey to Celebes Island, also known as Sulawesi. A profusion of spices and woods, dense and powerful as one entered an extraordinary forest at the other end of the world. The sun is at its zenith, the heat awakens the scents and from the dawn, we can already perceive the scents of rare essences.

One advances little by little and the smells intensify: burning cinnamon barks, intoxicating cardamom seeds... Then it is the turn of white pepper with its sparkling note, black vanilla pod hardly greedy. Cold spices mingle with warm spices, followed closely by the roasted accents of tonka bean and the depth of labdanum. And slowly, the fragrances become so intense that they leave their mark on the skin.


  • Top Notes: Bergamot essence, cardamom essence, geranium essence
  • Heart Notes: Essence of cinnamon, essence of cistus labdanum, essence of white pepper, absolute tonka bean
  • Base Notes: Styrax essence, Clearwood®, Madagascar vanilla absolute
  • Perfumer: Alberto Morillas