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Child Perfume - Extremely Rich Body Cream

Sale price$ 85.00

A luxuriously scented body cream that coats your skin in hydration, leaving a gorgeous sheen and a divine smell of Child Perfume. Vitamin-packed, this rich blend nourishes your body, packing essential fatty acids and nutrients for a refreshed sensation.


CHILD Perfume, the exquisite olfactory masterpiece, came into existence in 1989, courtesy of perfumer Susan D. Owens, who initially crafted it as her personal scent. However, Susan quickly realized the extraordinary allure it possessed when both men and women frequently approached her on the streets, eager to discover the enchanting fragrance she wore. In 1990, Susan graciously introduced her creation to the world, upholding her commitment to the highest standards of artisanal craftsmanship. Over the years, CHILD has evolved into an enduring tale of fragrant triumph. This award-winning, adored gem boasts a fervent celebrity following, yet remains a well-kept secret among connoisseurs, cherished by fragrance enthusiasts around the globe.

Child Perfume - Extremely Rich Body Cream | AEDES.COM
Child Perfume - Extremely Rich Body Cream Sale price$ 85.00