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Dolomiti Onsen Candle

Sale price$ 75.00

Stone smoothed by the constant, inexorable course of the water. Balsamic steam and herbaceous scents. Imagine a typical Japanese thermal spring transported in the rocky Dolomite landscape. Imagine relaxing in warm volcanic waters with a view of majestic peaks, in an immense and reassuring horizon.

Welcome to Dolomiti Onsen.

These handcrafted candles are enriched with precious fragrances specially created by international "noses" with a sartorial spirit. Small olfactory masterpieces, casted with artisanal methods in Made in Italy silk screen-printed glass.

The Greek key on the glass recalls the mosaic of a Roman villa of the ancient city of Sybaris. The packaging is handcrafted in Italy, in soft paper enriched with cotton fibers.

  • Top Notes: Mint, Sea
  • Middle Notes: Saffron, cinnamon
  • Base Notes: Guaiac wood, oud

185 gr | 6.5oz

Dolomiti Onsen Candle 6.5oz | Conte Lumelli
Dolomiti Onsen Candle Sale price$ 75.00